ST. LOUIS – October baseball will continue next weekend for the Cardinals, and fans are looking to buy tickets for the Wild Card round. The Cardinals lost Sunday’s game, but fans said it was still a memorable day.

“This is just, honestly, the last home game for us, but there is still going to be another home game again. So, like, we’re still going,” Brittant Lefthand said.

The game brought in fans from all over, including one couple from Cape Coral, Florida, who started their week riding out Hurricane Ian and ended it at Busch Stadium.

“We didn’t know which way to go and I have family here. So we might as well go to St. Louis and see a Cardinals game,” said Darlene and Steve Kennedy.

Fans at Sunday’s game said they already bought tickets for next weekend.

“Friday, I think it was 2 o’clock, and I went on. I got $20 seats from the Cardinals and they’re in section 300-and-something and I only paid 20 bucks,” said Christina Weathers.

Christina and Jed Weathers drove in from Kansas City and can’t wait to be back in town next weekend.

“There is nothing like playoff baseball. A lot of people talk about other sports, right? But there is something about October and that we’re going to be going into November,” Jed said. “But there is something to be said about that. It’s going to be a fantastic time.”

There are still tickets available for next weekend’s games, which you can purchase online.