Despite recent warmth, the time to get your heater checked is now


ST. LOUIS – Despite temperatures that pushed to near 90 degrees last weekend, the October date on the calendar means it is time to get your home heater checked.

“We’ve been busy with that thus far, even with the warmer temperatures,” said Jeffrey Vitt, Vitt Heating and Cooling.

Vitt says the reason to get your furnace checked by a trained heating specialist is simple: so it is safe to operate.

“Furnaces will function most of the time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe to operate,” Vitt said. “If they’re a fuel-burning appliance, they have the ability to produce carbon monoxide. If it’s unsafe, it can kill you.”

Vitt says while they aren’t having trouble getting parts in to make repairs, the industry isn’t immune to ongoing global staffing and shipping problems.

“We haven’t seen parts issues so much. Equipment issues have been the big thing because I think factories have been having a hard time keeping people staffed to produce the machinery,” Vitt said.

All the same, a fall chill or winter blast will get here sooner than later. So now is the time to get your appointment if you haven’t already made one.

“It’s always a good idea to do it soon than later because here in St. Louis the weather can change very quickly. Before you know it, we could be in freezing temperatures. And if your heat doesn’t work, you are going to be cold,” Vitt said.

Once you know your heater is safe to operate, you want to make sure you have a clean filter. Changing it every three months ensures your furnace runs efficiently.

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