UPDATE: Police have identified the deceased as Kirstin Gentemann, 47, and Steven Gentemann, 57.

FENTON, Mo. – Two teens ran from a home during an argument in the 1200 block of Fenton Ridge today, according to police. They heard gunshots as they fled.

Police said dispatchers heard the gunshots too. The victim called 911 from a cellphone as the gunshots rang out. They heard comments before shots were fired. After the shots rang out, 911 dispatchers heard no other sounds.

Jefferson County Sheriff Dave Marshak is calling what happened a tragedy. When officers finally forced their way into the home at around 10:45 am they found victims of a murder, suicide. Investigators said that the woman was the victim and the man is the suspect. He was holding a gun in his hand.

Authorities did not release the identity of the victims on Monday but confirmed the man and woman shared the same last name.  A sheriff’s office spokesman said the man was 47 and the woman was 42.   

There was no known history of domestic violence, according to police. Deputies are still contacting their families.

A police chaplain has been called to help the grieving family. Sheriff Marshak tweeted, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.”

Grant Bissell, a public information officer for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said, “As we’ve seen by today’s example, domestic situations can go bad very quickly.” 

He said anyone trapped in a dangerous domestic situation can be directed to resources through the Jefferson County Sherriff’s Office.