ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis zoo continues to work on its WildCare Park in north county Tuesday.

The St. Louis Zoo is progressing with some demolition and preparation work for the WildCare Park. The development of WildCare Park is estimated to cost $230 million.

Dr. Jo Elle Mogerman, the St. Louis Zoo WildCare Park Director, is responsible for the size and scope of the project.

“On the property, there was an old apartment building that we’ve torn down,” said Mogerman. “There was an old bathhouse that we’ve torn down. Those buildings were in disrepair or not in the right space for what we wanted. So, we tore them down and a major milestone for WildCare Park will be a perimeter fence.”

In the summer of 2023, giraffe, camel, ostrich, gazelle, zebra, and white rhino will make the unincorporated area in Spanish Lake their new home.

“We will have two small herds of animals that will come on the property in the summer of next year,” said Mogerman. “We’ll have a small herd of Grevy zebra and a small herd of addax. We’ll put that in a pilot pasture. So, in a smaller pasture, and by small, I mean five to nine acres and we will have those animals there and see how they do in the space.”

The funding for the 425-acre WildCare Park will come from different sources like philanthropy, external financing, and existing cash reserves.

By 2027, the park is expected to be open to the public and people can anticipate experiencing this part of the St. Louis region in a whole new way.

“We have our safari observation tower which is a fixed structure that will lift our guests up 11 stories in the air,” said Mogerman. “From that vantage point, they will be able to see vistas that stretch from the confluence all the way to the Arch.”

A new perimeter fence is in the process of being upgraded and animals will arrive next summer at the new property.