O’FALLON, Mo. – There are allegations that a childhood game of “ding dong ditch” has gone bad. It’s a social media post that has gone viral. According to the post, the game left a teen screaming for help and a homeowner possibly arrested.

The O’Fallon Police Department confirmed the teen was taken inside a home, and now they have more questions than answers.

FOX 2 is not showing the Ring doorbell video because it involves a juvenile, and we do not own the rights to it. However, hundreds have shared the video on social media, stating the video is disturbing to watch.

Some of these posts alleged that a group of teens in O’Fallon, Missouri, were playing the “ding dong ditch game”—ringing doorbells and running around the Wyndgate subdivision—when something went wrong, and a homeowner took one of the teens into his home.

In the video, the boy was screaming for help. According to the social media post, the homeowner was taken into custody but released on bond in the small subdivision. No neighbors wanted to talk.

In this case, the O’Fallon Police Department would not confirm the claims made on social media or the events leading up to the incident.

Police did confirm officers were aware of the incident, and an arrest was made. The investigation is ongoing.