ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis woman whose husband died after a suspected dog attack is reeling from the loss. Melvina Moore said her husband, Dennis, went for a nightly walk but never made it back home.

“He was two blocks away, and he laid there all night,” she said.

Melvina said she and Dennis recently celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary.

“He showed me so much love,” she said. “He just supported everything I did.”

She said she was working an overnight shift while Dennis took his routine walk. He was found dead, reportedly with dogs still surrounding him in an alley near Shreve and San Francisco Avenues in the Penrose neighborhood of north St. Louis.

“I think he thought that was a shortcut that particular day,” she said.

Investigators believe the attack happened between 11:30 p.m. Saturday and 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

Melvina said a 92-year-old man spotted her husband, and that man was reportedly attacked too but survived. She credited him with leading police to the dogs and said investigators told her they’re confident they seized the right ones.

“They are saying they have some type of DNA to prove these are the right dogs,” she said.

Animal Control would not answer questions about the dogs seized, such as whether they were microchipped or registered and where they were found. Representatives would not answer by email or in person at the Animal Control office where someone slammed the door on FOX 2’s request to see the dogs.

“Do you have the right dogs, not just for my husband’s sake but for the next human being?” Melvina asked. “It could be a baby. It could be a kid in the backyard.”

Everybody in the area seemed to know the name, Dennis Moore.

“He was a good guy,” said Kevin Robinson. “He was always looking after me, asking if I had enough water. He’d crack a joke every now and then. Is it hot enough for you, mailman?”

Stanley Strickland added that he was a “friend of everybody in the neighborhood.”

The Medical Examiner reported completing the autopsy but said it will be several weeks before they rule on the cause and manner of death. The Circuit Attorney’s Office did not respond to FOX 2’s request for information about possible criminal charges.

As far as other calls regarding dangerous dogs in this area of the Penrose neighborhood, the Citizen’s Service Bureau reported only two calls for service this year.

Alderwoman Sharon Tyus said she spoke to the dog owner in question, who reported to her that his dogs had escaped from a fenced backyard.