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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – CourtTV is broadcasting a high-profile murder trial for a Missouri man accused of murder while living a double life. James Addie, 54, is accused of killing Molly Watson, 35 with whom he had a secret romance two days before their wedding. Live video of the third day of courtroom proceedings is being seen by the world on cable television and streaming online.

A driver discovered Watson’s body near a Monroe County creek bed in April 2018. Prosecutors say she died from a gunshot wound to the head. Tire tracks found near the body led police to consider Addie as a suspect.

Addie told investigators that he has been married for 22-years but had planned to marry Watson. Authorities believe Addie and Watson had been secretly dating for seven years.

The case is nearly three years old. The trial date has been delayed because of the pandemic and a venue change from Monroe to Cole County.

The defense believes that the state does not have enough evidence to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

This is the third day of the trial. On Monday the jury was shown disturbing photos of Watson’s body. They also heard the 911 call from the driver who discovered her body.

Addie’s ex-wife Melanie testified on Tuesday. She said that she had no idea that he had been cheating for seven years.

Melanie searched their home after police told her about the murdered mistress. She found boxes of Watson’s items in their garage. A locked chest contained a photo album with vacation pictures from Florida of James and Molly. He told Melanie that the trip to Florida was for work training. He worked as a prison guard and the trip was for sniper training. James also gave her an official looking letter from the prison he worked at about the Florida trip.

Melanie said that James did not want her traveling by herself. He was worried that it may lead to an affair.

Addie’s daughter took the stand at his murder trial. He started to cry after seeing his daughter on the stand.

Emma said that she did not know that her father was having an affair. She had been introduced to her a few years earlier and thought that Watson was a co-worker.

Emma’s testimony places him outside of his home at the time of the murder. She also said that she made the t-shirt found with blood on it that was discovered near the crime scene.

A wedding event planner testified on Tuesday that she received an email five days before the wedding. It stated that Addie’s ex-wife died over the weekend.

Two inmates serving time with Addie said that they had a conversation with about why his bond was so high. He told them he was in jail for “putting someone face down in a ditch.”

The defense was able to establish that the conversation took place in a loud room. That may have disrupted the communication.