ST. LOUIS – Downtown safety was front and center at a meeting with Alderwoman Cara Spencer and Alderman Rasheen Aldridge. Residents say some of the items they want to see the aldermanic board address include teen violence and 911 dispatching issues.

Wednesday night, Alderwoman Spencer took time to address a new bill involving parking lot safety.

“Solidifying and making our parking lots a safer place, Alderwoman Cara Spencer said. “It is where so many bad behaviors start; there’s so many break-ins, there is so much mayhem that gets going in those parking lots. So holding those parking lot owners accountable for making those safer places, I think it’s going to do a lot to help downtown.”

Alderwoman Spencer and Alderman Aldridge share the downtown district and said that meetings like this offer locals the opportunity to raise concerns about any issues they may be having.