ST. LOUIS – Pat McGlynn is the longtime owner of Stadium Liquor on South Broadway, just south of Busch Stadium. He also owns the neighboring Shamrock Pub and French Market Pizza.

On Wednesday, McGlynn was re-striping his parking lot in anticipation of baseball fans flocking downtown for Thursday’s St. Louis Cardinals home opener.

“Starting about nine o’clock, people will start pouring in,” he said. “Arrive early.”

McGlynn also prepared for fans to arrive at his businesses sooner than usual following the end of baseball games. A new Major League Baseball rule requires hurlers to deliver pitches before the time on a pitch clock expires. McGlynn predicts the pitch clock could be good for business, especially for fans who follow games when the Cardinals win and want to celebrate.

“We’re getting stocked up, getting the place cleaned up, getting the staff ready for tomorrow, and looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day,” McGlynn said.

Zach Carr, general manager of the Ballpark Village Salt + Smoke location, is also excited about opening day.

“We actually just put a couple hundred pounds of meat on those smokers,” he said.

Carr also hopes quicker games could lead to fans spending more time enjoying the restaurant’s patio overlooking the ballpark.

“We’re really hoping to open it up quite a bit this season,” he said. “The weather is starting to turn in our favor.”