ST. LOUIS – St. Louis police are continuing their search for a man they say held a woman at gunpoint Saturday and stole her car.

According to a police spokesperson, the carjacking happened while the woman was stuck in traffic at the intersection of Walnut and 4th Street, when a man walked up to her 2011 BMW 328i, pointed a gun at her, and stole the car.

“You’d like to think that you’d be aware and that you’d be able to drive off before it happened, but I guess you never know,” said Mark Varwig.

He and Sherry Winenger were recent victims of crime in downtown, when their car was broken into during a Blues game.

“They broke the passenger window. Police said they were looking for a gun. I don’t have a gun in the car, so nothing was stolen. But it was a hassle,” Varwig said.

Fans leaving Sunday’s baseball game said lately they are more aware of their surroundings when they visit downtown.

“It makes us sad to see the disrespect. All of us grew up in the city and we love St. Louis,” Alice Lampe said. “We want it to continue to be a great city, but it makes us sad when we hear about all this. The crime and the violence.”

People in downtown were surprised by the recent brazen carjacking.

“I would be worried about walking around downtown. Maybe getting your car hijacked, maybe if you were from another city, I would be a little worried,” Genie Swanston said.