ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Thieves broke into 46 vehicles and stole items from the cars in the parking lot at Mercy Hospital South in St. Louis County early Sunday morning. It’s the biggest string of car break-ins in months.

According to a spokesperson with the St. Louis County Police Department, officers responded to a break-in call at the hospital just after 4:10 a.m. Sunday. Approximately 10 of the 46 vehicles had items taken from them.

Pictures sent by Mercy employees to FOX 2 showed shattered windows and broken glass on the ground, and even one car that had to be covered with a tarp until it could be fixed.

Mercy Hospital released the following statement through a spokesperson:

There were car break-ins on the Mercy South campus overnight. We are dismayed anyone would choose to break into someone else’s car, especially cars belonging to critical health care workers as those caregivers were aiding patients in need. We are working with St. Louis County police to help them in their investigation in any way we can, and we refer you to them to determine what details they wish to share about their ongoing investigation. Mercy South is increasing our security measures in order to protect our patients, visitors, and co-workers and their property while on campus.

County investigators said they have no leads at this point.