ST. LOUIS – Nearly three dozen schools from the St. Louis Public School district suffered some sort of damage from this week’s flooding.

District leaders said Soldan High School in North St. Louis was the hardest hit by the week’s downpours.

The school is supposed to open on August 22 for the new academic year, but it’s also dealing with roofing and plumbing issues.

St. Louis Public Schools district spokesperson George Sells told FOX2 that the damage was caused by a combination of flooding and sewage backup.

“The sewage got so heavy, we had about two and a half feet of water in the cafeteria,” said Sells. “There’s a picture of a metal door. What happened there was the flash flood outside picked up a trash dumpster, slammed it into that door [and] folded it like a page in a book.”

St. Louis Public Schools would be on the list of repairs should voters approve Proposition S, a bond issue that doesn’t call for a tax increase, in the Aug. 2 election.