ST. LOUIS — St. Louis-area radio personality Derk Brown shared a dramatic video of gunfire downtown Sunday night. Police said no one was hurt.

The recording captures the sound of nine gunshots as a crowd runs for safety.  Brown was recording near the intersection of 8th and Pine Streets when the gunfire began.

Jordan Green was walking home from his downtown job when he heard the gunfire from a few blocks away.  He said hearing gunshots is not unusual.

“This is just part of living in St. Louis,” said Green.

Caprice Nevils was inside her downtown apartment on 8th Street when she heard the gunfire Sunday night. 

“Bullets don’t have eyes,” she said.  “They can just go anywhere.” 

She would like to see more police in downtown St. Louis.

“It needs to be patrolled more and I think that will cut down some of the crime,” said Nevils. 

Dan Isom, interim director of public safety for the City of St. Louis, said Sunday’s chaos formed after large groups of juveniles gathered downtown.

“Following the Annie Malone parade, St. Louis received multiple calls regarding groups of juveniles congregating at Kiener Plaza late in the evening,” said Isom.  “A group formed at the intersection of 9th and Pine.  Our officers responded to this location and a citywide call went out with multiple districts responding.”

Isom went on to say one person fired the shots.  He called on parents to get involved in preventing unsupervised juveniles from gathering downtown.

“Do not drop your children off downtown unsupervised,” said Isom.  “We want families to be safe, and large groups roaming late at night is not safe.”  

Downtown resident Edwin Young agrees with Isom.  He said it is not unusual for groups of kids to be gathering late at night near his downtown apartment.

“Kids as young as seven are out here at ten or 11 o’clock at night,” said Young.

The St. Louis Police Officers Association responded with a tweet saying the video does not show shots were fired at responding officers: “Shooting indiscriminately is not harmless teenage fun, contrary to the Public Safety Director’s characterization of events Sunday night. What is not on video is the fact that gunfire was also directed at responding police officers. Ther is no #CrimePlan.”