Drive-In St. Louis concerts will go on, but later, amid heat surge


HAZELWOOD, Mo. – Air temperatures are in the 90s and the road temperature sensor on the Woods Basement Systems Storm Runner shows 110 degrees and higher on the pavement at the PowerPlex in Hazelwood. Despite that, the show will go on. Country star Wynonna will take to the stage at Drive-In St. Louis Thursday night.

During the pandemic, people fell in love with the parking lot concerts at Drive-In St. Louis. The heat has meant changes, but not cancellations for shows the next few nights. Start times have been pushed back one hour to 8:00 p.m. because of the hot temperatures.

“We just made an executive decision to push everything back for the safety of our guests. We’re going to have thousands of people here over the weekend and they’re going to enjoy an evening concert more than being in the sweltering heat,” says Drive-In St. Louis founder Dan Buck.

Buck says concertgoers have been appreciative of the change and so have the performers.

“We’ve just had a great conversation with Wynonna’s group and they’re very cautious too. They said, ‘Could we come on at 8:15, maybe just to let that sun set a little bit more?’”

A sno-cone truck will be on hand plus they’ve added a shaded tent where folks can enjoy some pre-show fun.

“Allowing people to really come in here and enjoy a shaded pre-show with live music and drinks in here, lots of drinks.”

If you plan to come out over the next few nights, Drive-In St. Louis simply asks everyone to plan ahead for the heat.

“We just want people to be smart, keep hydrated, and use common sense,” says Buck.

The band “Joe Dirt” performs Friday night and then it’s “Dr. Zhivegas” on Saturday. Again, concert start times have been moved to 8:00pm.

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