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FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. — The lines were long around the BMW Convenience gas station in Fredericktown Thursday afternoon. For 90 minutes, gas prices were $2.12 per gallon. 

Lisa Hovis was one of the drivers who waited in line for what amounts to nearly a half-price tank of gas.  The Marquand resident routinely drives to a St. Louis hospital for radiation treatments for cancer.

“It costs me anywhere from $100 to $120 a week just to do that,” said Hovis. “With the grocery prices too, you know it’s really bad.” 

The gas discount event was organized by Americans for Prosperity. Jeremy Cady is the group’s Missouri state director.  He was busy directing cars to open pumps once drivers finished filling up their tanks.

“They’re feeling it in their wallets,” said Cady.  “They’re making tough decisions.  They’re having to choose between food and everything that they need for their daily lives and gasoline.”

He said the discounted price of $2.12 a gallon equals what pump costs were when President Joe Biden was elected in 2020.

BMW Convenience owner Bryant Wolfin hopes customers realize gas station owners are not behind the rising prices.

“We make less money nowadays than we did back when gas was close to a dollar,” he said.