HAZELWOOD, Mo. – MoDOT shut down eastbound and westbound traffic along Interstate 270 Friday during the demolition of the old Lindbergh bridge.

MoDOT is asking drivers to avoid the interchange through the weekend and said drivers should expect delays.

“Rush hour time, it can get a little busy so a lot of people doesn’t know which way to go because they’re not familiar with it,” said Ariell Shaw. “They should at least make it to where it’s a little more clearer, so drivers can know where they’re going.”

MoDOT said drivers can still travel eastbound and westbound in the area, but they recommend using a different route. 

“We do anticipate there to be extended travel times for north and southbound Lindbergh,” said Eric Kopinski, MoDOT Director of the I-270 north project. “So, we have our traffic engineers on site all weekend. They’ll be adjusting traffic signal times, but we just have tremendous traffic volume that will be impacted for this.”

This bridge project is part of major improvements MoDOT is making to Interstate 270 in north county. MoDOT said the changes will improve traffic flow for drivers. 

“This is one of our busiest interchanges in the entire state and we’ve done a lot of traffic modeling and safety analysis,” Kopinski said. “When we’re complete with this interchange the safety benefits are going to be tremendous and traffic flow through here will be much improved.”

Shaw said the interchange can be a little confusing and hopes drivers pay attention in the area. 

“I just feel like everyone should just really at night really pay attention to the road because a lot of people can’t see at night,” Shaw said. “It’s going to be really busy tonight, it’s Friday. So, a lot of cars are going to be out so I just feel like everyone should pay attention while they’re driving.”

MoDOT said they will reopen Interstate 270 Monday at 5 a.m.