ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Two lifelong friends are making a 3,600-mile bike ride across the nation to raise awareness about organ transplants. Tommy Taylor and JD Norton began their trek from Santa Monica, California, in April and will finish in Boston, Massachusetts, in June.

“I’m 70, and he’s 69,” Taylor said. “We’re both holding up real well.”

“I wanted to help him with his cause,” Norton said. “And I have been telling people about organ donation.”

Taylor’s wife, Thoko, died from sarcoidosis, a lung disease, two years ago, and a transplant would have saved her life. Norton’s 8-year-old grandson, Broderick, is in search of a kidney donor.

The pair had an overnight stay in St. Charles on Monday and will continue early Wednesday morning.

“I’ve been keeping a written journal,” Norton said. “I think for months and months, I will be digesting this trip.”

One can follow their journey by clicking here.