ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis man was found dead after being attacked by three Pit bulls in the Penrose neighborhood.

Officers responded to a “call for police help” in the 4800 block of San Francisco after the 62-year-old victim was discovered lifeless in the back yard of a residence. 

Another victim suffered from significant bites from the dogs attacking him in the alley. The incident happened between 11:30 p.m. Saturday and 6:30 a.m. Sunday. 

According to police, upon arrival, officers observed the victim was suffering from significant bodily wounds. The homicide division and the medical examiner responded to the scene. Preliminary investigation revealed pit bulls possibly attacked the victim. However, it is unknown how the incident transpired. 

A north St. Louis resident said they saw the victim Sunday morning. 

“I kept looking and it looked like somebody was laying on the ground,” said neighbor Michael Lewis. “I said, ‘I’m going to wait and see.’ I went back to get my coffee and when I come back out, like I say, before I went in one dog that was over there was just licking at him. He hadn’t bit him or nothing. There were two more coming down the alley. They came right out of there and come over there with the other little dog was at.” 

Lewis said he has seen six pit bulls in his neighborhood before roaming free. Neighbors told FOX 2 that the dogs are owned by someone in the neighborhood. 

According to police, EMS transported the second victim, a 92-year-old man to the hospital for treatment. Animal Control responded and took custody of three pit bulls matching the description of several dog bites in the area.  

Lewis said he avoids the alleyway when he’s walking his dog. 

“My dog is right around about 90 pounds,” said Lewis. “I know he ain’t going to have no problem with one of them, but I ain’t going to let him fight no six.” 

On Monday, the city of St. Louis Department of Health said three dogs were seized and are being housed at the Animal Control shelter. The Animal Care and Control Officer is conducting the investigation. 

The medical examiner said the autopsy is complete. The cause and manner of death are pending and it will be approximately 8-12 weeks until the cause of death is certified.