Hundreds of items are on the ballot across the two states. The vote on Tuesday will determine marijuana taxes in Missouri, the composition of school boards, and the fate of numerous candidates.

In the newly redrawn wards of St. Louis City, voters will elect aldermen. Redistricting has reduced the total number of wards from 28 to 14.

People in dozens of cities and counties are voting on marijuana taxes for recreational use. This year’s legalization of cannabis for adult use allowed municipalities and counties to tax it. This is Proposition M on the ballots in St. Louis County and Proposition 3 in St. Charles County.

The amendment to legalize marijuana in Missouri imposed a 6% state sales tax and authorized local governments to impose an additional 3% sales tax. Voters will decide whether the additional tax will be added to sales.

Sam Page, the executive of St. Louis County, stated that it would generate over $3 million annually for county parks, police, and roads.