ST. LOUIS – This weekend marks the return of Bird scooters to the downtown area. Lime scooters are also returning. There are new restrictions. 

Following complaints from St. Louis residents, the city put the brakes on its electric scooter ride-sharing program while leaders looked for ways to address concerns. 

“I’m glad to see there back, even with restrictions,” said Akeem Shannon, a downtown resident who was surprised to see the scooters back downtown on Friday. 

He believes the scooters help downtown visitors easily access nearby businesses. 

“They can come to more local restaurants and ultimately spend more money in the city,” Shannon said. “That’s why I think they’re great.” 

David Gaines recently moved to St. Louis from Charlotte, NC, where he said residents shared concerns similar to complaints heard in St. Louis. 

“It just seemed like it was working against itself,” Gaines said.  

He said residents reported scooter users were running into people, causing accidents, and pulling in front of cars. He hopes the return of scooters to St. Louis is successful, so he can use them to maneuver around downtown. 

For now, the return of scooter usage in the downtown area of St. Louis will be limited to the hours between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

You can read more about the city’s program here.