ST. LOUIS – City leaders are prohibiting the use of electric scooters in the downtown area after weekends of chaos, disturbance, and violence brought about by teens.

St. Louis police were very busy in downtown this weekend responding to several large groups of juveniles fighting.

On Monday morning, Public Safety Director Dan Isom said they’re working to stop the violence.

“Shooting among unsupervised juveniles, multiple calls of disruptive and nuisance of young people at multiple locations, including Citygarden, Union Station, and Ball Park Hilton,” Isom said. “Security at these locations did their best to try and get these disturbances under control.”

Investigators said the disturbances spilled over near 8th and Chestnut streets when someone opened fire on a crowd walking to their cars. Two girls, ages 13 and 14, were injured. They remain hospitalized.

“This incident was at a different location where the fight occurred in front of Ball Park Village,” Isom said. “There is a vehicle that fired shots into the crowd and the young women were injured as a result.”

Major Renee Kriesmann, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, said it’s fortunate no one was killed in the shooting.

“…But that does not take away from the dangers of the issue of unsupervised kids roaming the street downtown,” she said.

Many residents have asked the city to eliminate scooters, believing they’re a magnet for attracting large groups of kids.

“We do not have the resources to monitor where we can keep young people from engaging in dangerous behaviors, so those will be shut off until further notice,” Isom said.

Police said the shooter is still at large. Authorities are encouraging anyone with information to contact CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS.