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ST. LOUIS – A local mom is putting other parents to shame due to the amazing antics of the family’s Elf on the Shelf. Some of her recent Facebook posts have garnered thousands of likes on social media.

On Wednesday, the Carney family’s three elves cut off 14 inches of Mindy Carney’s hair overnight. Her Facebook post included pictures of the elves sitting above her bed with braids made out of her hair and scissors.

She said the elves, Cutie Pie, Hot Dog, and Sprinkles, knew she wanted to get a haircut but was too busy running around taking care of everyone else so they thought they’d help her out. The elves are planning on using the hair to make a wig for kids with cancer so Carney says she couldn’t be too mad at the elves.

However, Carney said she had to wait over 24 hours to get a haircut so had to run around town with half of her hair cut. She said she is sure she looked ridiculous but it made people laugh so it was worth it.

Carney says she can’t believe the response that post recieved. She said it got more than 3,000 likes in two Elf on the Shelf Facebook groups in less than two days. She says it appears to have touched more people than she could imagine.

Carney says her family adopted its first elf in 2016 so they have witnessed several years of antics at their Wildwood home.

Last year, the family’s three elves were spotted in the bathroom with candy suspended from both faucets into the bowl of the sink.

There was also a note that says, “We tried using our magic to turn your sink into candy fountains but they got clogged!!! I guess the plumbing is different here than the North Pole!”

She says while all the elf-ing is exhausting seeing the magic of Christmas through her kids’ eyes each morning makes it so worth it.

Carney, a physician assistant at a local ER, says she also gets to share in the joy her posts bring people on Facebook. She explains she’s heard from many people who say the elves brighten up their day.

Here are a few of the other antics the elves have gotten into in the past. One picture shows the elves in the bath trying to get cleaned up after their long flight and they used too many bubbles. You can see the shower full of balloons.