ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Emerson included news that they have chosen to remain in St. Louis in their report on first quarter earnings. Nearly 1,300 people work at the Emerson headquarters on West Florissant.

“Lastly, following a comprehensive review, we selected St. Louis, Missouri as our headquarters and are working to identify an appropriate location in the area,” states Emerson President and Chief Executive Officer Lal Karsanbhai.

They announced plans to sell the headquarters in Ferguson last fall. An Emerson spokesperson told FOX 2 in October that the company was considering the St. Louis area in its search for a new headquarters.

“Emerson has been a valuable community partner for more than a century, and their continued commitment to St. Louis County is welcome news,” states County Executive Dr. Sam Page. “We work hard in St. Louis County to be a welcoming and inclusive place and having a rich mix of companies dedicated to our region makes that possible. There is no better place than St. Louis County to invest and grow a business, and Emerson’s announcement is evidence of that.”

“Throughout their decision-making process, we have been engaged Lal and his team. Under Lal’s leadership, Emerson became a founding investor and Executive Committee member of Greater St. Louis, Inc. to help usher in the economic and civic resurgence our metro deserves. We all look forward to continuing to engage with Lal and other members of his team on critical projects that will improve St. Louis’ global competitiveness, including the revitalization of Lambert Airport, expanding global connectivity, fostering strong next-generation tech sectors like geospatial, improving the pro-growth climate we need to compete, and embracing inclusive growth as the North Star,” states Greater St. Louis.

The news about the new headquarters was part of a huge $14 billion deal with a private equity firm. It is not clear if the company is moving from Ferguson to another part of the region or keeping its current campus.