‘You’re hitting your stride’ – Chef Ramsay to local chef on Hell’s Kitchen


ST. LOUIS– The heat hasn’t been too much for Chef Trenton Garvey to handle on Hell’s Kitchen. The Maplewood chef survived another week on the show and even received a huge compliment from Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Monday night’s episode started with Chef Ramsay calling Trenton aside. He told Chef Garvey he finally got to see some real insight into the true Trenton during last week’s service.

“I think you are hitting your stride,” said Chef Ramsay.

Chef Ramsay asked Trenton where does that hunger come from.

“Everyone in my family has always doubted me, but this has just been my passion,” said Chef Garvey during last night’s episode.

Garvey, the executive chef at The Blue Duck, said everyone in his family went to school to be a big shot. He says he has never worked to make money, he’s worked because cooking is what he loves.

At the time of the show’s taping, Garvey had recently been tapped to be the executive chef at the Blue Duck.

During their private conversation, one of Garvey’s teammates on the Blue Team said she was jealous and wanted a private conversation with Chef Ramsay.

Trenton commented that getting that gratification from Chef Ramsay was phenomenal. He also said he has so much more to show.

When Trenton rejoined his team someone asked if it was an emotional conversation. Trenton said, “a little bit.”

The contestants played a little soccer to score ingredients for the episode’s challenge. They each had to choose a different international cuisine. Trenton chose to make a Greek dish.

He made a rack of lamb with herbed feta and yogurt. It also had a charred eggplant and sesame seed puree.

Chef Ramsay and James Beard award winner Michael Cimarusti were judging the dishes. Trenton was up against Keona from the Red Team that also prepared a Greek Dish.

The chefs said Trenton’s dish was really good but Keona’s dish came away the winner and led her team to a win. The Blue Team had to set up the restaurant for dinner service as a punishment for losing the challenge.

Later in the episode, the Blue Team struggled with dinner service. Kevin Argueta was on the fish station and had difficulty getting the salmon out on time.

Chef Garvey called him out during dinner service for not communicating with him. Chef Garvey was cooking meat and some of it was overcooked because Kevin was taking too long with the fish.

Chef Ramsay stopped the Blue Team several times due to Kevin’s struggles. Chef Ramsay sent Kevin home during dinner service without holding an elimination.

Chef Garvey said he agreed that Kevin was the right contestant to send packing this week.

You can follow Chef Garvey on his Instagram account here. You can also chat with him during a livestream tonight at 7 p.m. on FOX2Now’s Facebook page.

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