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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City police are investigating a strong-armed carjacking at a local dealership, but the stolen vehicle is not the worst part.

A potential sale turned into an employee being dragged across the Van Chevrolet, Cadillac and Subaru parking lot and a thief driving off in a Mustang.

“I could see the Mustang going about 100 miles per hour down this street,” General Sales Manager Ryan Buis said.

Security camera footage shows an employee and a man wearing an orange hoodie walking to see a blue 2018 ford mustang.

“I had a brief interaction with him, no alarms went off,” Buis said.

After several minutes of checking out the interior, the employee got out. The car was off, but it’s a push to start the vehicle.

“The proximity key was close enough to where the thief was able to start the vehicle,” Buis said. “Once he did that he just took off and peeled out.”

The hood of the car was still up while he drove out of the lot. Meantime, the employee was on the ground struggling to get up and get help.

“He got thrown about 10-15 feet. So pretty skinned up,” Buis said.

Police said it happened Tuesday at about 6:30 p.m. Which is right before the dealership closes.

“We work hard, long hours and for something like that, to have your employees at risk and the safety of them – that’s disheartening,” Buis said.

Jeff Rigg, the used car manager, heard it happen.

“Thievery is despicable as it is, but then to put somebody in danger for something like that, there’s no regard for human,” Rigg said.

He tried to go after the thief but couldn’t catch up.

“We have a lot of policies and procedures in place to make it to where this doesn’t happen,” Buis said, “but if the thief is going to target you, they have a plan, it can happen to anybody.”

There went $40,000 speeding away.

Buis said finding inventory has already been a challenge through the pandemic.

“As tough as it is to replace vehicles right now in the current market that’s a vehicle we can’t replace, which is frustrating and it’s still not been recovered,” Buis said.

The dealership filed a police report.

If you have information or see the car call the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department.