BRENTWOOD, Mo. – Everyone has their favorite burger joint, but one St. Louis County restaurant now takes the title of the best cheeseburger in Missouri.

Yelp recently released its updated “Top cheeseburger in every state” list, praising Brentwood’s Carl’s Drive-In, as the restaurant with the cheeseburger in the Show-Me State.

“Some say sweet dreams are made of cheeseburgers, and we couldn’t agree more. Thick and juicy, thin and crispy, slapped between a fluffy moist bun and topped with ooey gooey cheese, there’s nothing like the perfect cheeseburger to get your mouth watering and your tummy rumbling,” says Yelp on the burgers report.

Carl’s Drive In, located in the 9000 block of Manchester Road, has been a St. Louis area staple for more than 60 years. The restaurant is located off of the original Route 66 route and honors the highway’s history with stools and various artifacts.

According to the restaurant’s website, Carl’s Drive-In prides itself for its “crispy-edged burgers, footlong hotdogs and homemade root beer.” David Kraemer, a longtime customer, bought Carl’s in 2021 and the business continues to thrive with its traditional menu.

To name the top cheeseburger in every state, a research team compiled data from U.S. businesses and searched reviews mentioning the word “cheeseburger.” Yelp then accounted for several factors, including the volume and ratings of reviews between Jan. 1 and July 15.

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