Enroll now: Parking, Towing, Assistance Program helps St. Louisans with outstanding parking tickets


ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis City Treasurer’s Office is “giving out grace” during the pandemic to St. Louisans with outstanding parking tickets through their Parking, Towing, and Assistance Program (PTAP).

The purpose of this program is to make it easy for St. Louisans to enroll in individualized, payment plan options so residents impacted with economic burdens like the pandemic can still get to work and survive.

The office said they realize outstanding parking tickets can quickly turn into increased fines, having your vehicle booted, towed, or even a bench warrant issued for your arrest.

Anyone who has accumulated at least $50 in City of St. Louis parking tickets can call the Parking Violations Bureau (PVB) at 314-627-2232 to learn more about the program and begin the enrollment process.

Participants can enroll in payment plans for as little as $10 a month and agree to pay the original value of ticket(s) in installments at agreed-upon dates with the PVB.

Those interested should have their license plate number ready so the PVB can identify all outstanding tickets affiliated with the vehicle.

After the above process and a person is enrolled, current tickets will be frozen so fees cannot continue to accumulate.

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