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An organizer for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign has paddled his kayak for more than 60 days now in order to draw attention to climate change.

Graham Jordison started his 2,341 mile paddle on July 19 on the Missouri River in Three Forks, Montana. His paddle will end in St. Louis in the next few days. As of 1:00 p.m. Thursday, Jordison was in Saline County, Missouri. He approximately paddles 35 miles daily.

Jordison’s Facebook post also gave links to a GoFundMe page and a GPS findmespot.

Jordison wrote on the GoFundMe page, “I’m taking this life changing adventure in partnership with the Sierra Club to raise awareness about the work we do to protect the environment.”

He also said he wants his journey to benefit his hometown, Lincoln, Nebraska, and has set a goal to “raise at least one dollar for every mile that [he] paddles.” He said the money will go to Blue Stem Sierra Club Group and Indian Center Inc.

Jordison chose to kayak the Missouri River because 12 coal power plants are located along it. Throughout his journey, he has been documenting the coal plants and educating the community on environmental issues.

Six other kayakers are making the trip with Jordison.