BRIDGETON, Mo. – The EPA discussed the plans for the cleanup efforts at the Westlake Landfill site on Tuesday. Officials said over the last four years they’ve been collecting data, testing soil, and working out a plan for the excavation process.

Rep. Tricia Byrnes had urged residents earlier to attend the meeting with EPA to express their concerns about the toxic waste in the area.

Tom Mahler is the remedial project manager for Operable Unit 1 and said the area where they are seeing radiologically impacted materials is larger than the original estimates.

“This is a more complex excavation piece of the remedy, and this is kind of a more complex remedy than a typical site,” Mahler said. “Shortly after 2005, the responsible parties started bringing fill materials that they expected to use to construct an engineered cover. Those materials were placed, in some cases, on top of where we now know RIM to be.”