ST. LOUIS – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered a St. Louis pest control shop to stop selling and distributing pesticides that were not compliant with federal law.

Wilson’s Pest Control sold at least 10 unregistered and misbranded pesticides that the EPA says could represent a danger to consumers.

In June, EPA inspectors discovered unlabeled, plastic zip-top baggies of rodent bait products and other improperly repackaged and mislabeled rodenticides offered for sale from the Wilson’s Pest Control location at 2400 Grand Boulevard.

“Offering pesticides for sale without proper labeling, including directions for use and warning language, and failing to register the products with the federal government is not only unlawful but dangerous,” said EPA Region 7 Administrator Meg McCollister. “The Agency is determined to protect consumers from these illegal practices, especially consumers in areas already overburdened by pollution.” 

In addition to the rodent bait products, EPA inspectors found other unregistered and misbranded pesticides, including products without required registration or proper labeling. 

The EPA has issued a “Stop Sale, Use, or Removal Order” to Wilson’s Pest Control, prohibiting the company to sell or distribute of repackaged pesticides identified as:

  • Contrac Ready-To-Use Place Pacs Meal rodenticide
  • Unlabeled green blocks of rodenticide
  • FINAL Ready-To-Use Place Pac Pellets rodenticide
  • Unlabeled red blocks of rodenticide
  • Talon G Bait Pack Mini-Pellets rodenticide
  • Unlabeled blue blocks of rodenticide
  • Unlabeled brown blocks of rodenticide
  • Wilson’s Pest Control Professional Growth Regulator
  • Professional Pest Control Concentrate
  • Wilson’s Termite & Carpenter Ant Control 

The order applies to both Wilson’s Pest Control’s retail stores in St. Louis and Overland. If you have purchased any of the pesticides listed above from the company, contact your waste provider for disposal options.  

It’s unclear whether WIlson’s Pest Control will face any further penalties or fines from the EPA.