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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Lawmakers call for ex-Missouri Governor Eric Greitens to drop out of the Missouri Senate race.

The statements came after Greitnes’ ex-wife claimed he was physically abusive and that he is unstable. The allegations were revealed in a sworn affidavit from Sheena Greitens that is part of an ongoing child custody dispute in Missouri. 

Eric Greitens tweeted “I have faith, and I know that ultimately truth will always prevail,” and released a statement.

“Being a father is the joy of my life and my single most important responsibility,” Greitens said in the statement.

“I will continue to love and care for my beautiful sons with all of my being, and that includes fighting for the truth and against completely fabricated baseless allegations,” Greitens continued. “I am seeking full custody of my sons, and for their sake, I will continue to pray for their mother and hope that she gets the help that she needs.”

Candidates in the Missouri Senate race called for the leading Republican Senate candidate to drop out of the race almost as soon as the new allegations became public Monday.

“I’m extremely troubled by the new allegations of abuse by Eric Greitens from his ex-wife. This is a pattern of criminal behavior that makes Eric unfit to hold any public office. He should drop out of the U.S. Senate race immediately and seek immediate professional help,” U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Harrisonville, said.

Missouri Senate President Dave Schatz was a senator when Greitens was Missouri Governor, he is also running against Hartzler and Greitens for U.S. Senate.

“I have consistently said that Eric Greitens is unfit to serve in public office. In light of today’s evidence showing a long pattern of abuse against his wife and children, he should end his campaign immediately,” Schatz tweeted.

The accusations also revive the scandal that forced Greitens to resign as Missouri’s governor in 2018.

Greitens was indicted on invasion-of-privacy in February 2018. Then Gov. Greitens was accused of taking a compromising photo of his hairstylist without her consent during an affair in 2015.

Then a Missouri House committee began investigating campaign finance issues, and Greitens faced a second felony charge in St. Louis, accused of providing his political fundraiser with the donor list of his veterans’ charity.

Missouri Ethics Commission found “probable cause” that Greitens’ campaign broke campaign finance law, but also “found no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Eric Greitens, individually.”

Greitens said the ruling “fully exonerated” him, but other Missouri Senate candidates do not agree following new allegations Monday.

“Eric Greitens doesn’t belong in the U.S. Senate — he belongs in prison. I’m the 13-year Marine veteran running to flip this seat and defeat that criminal for good,” Lucas Kunce, candidate for U.S. Senate, tweeted.

“These allegations of abuse are disgusting and sickening,” Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate, tweeted. “As Missouri’s attorney general, I know a predator when I see one, and I have fought for victims every step of the way. The behavior described in this affidavit is cause for Eric Greitens to be in prison, not on the ballot for U.S. Senate.  He should end his campaign immediately.”

A recent poll by the Trafalgar Group shows if the Republican primary for U.S. Senate were held now, the majority of respondents would vote for Greitens. The poll was taken prior to the allegations from Sheena Greitens were made public Monday.