Eureka native Clayton Echard reads mean tweets to promote his Bachelor season


Clayton Echard read mean tweets about himself Tuesday night on the “After the Final Rose” special that followed the finale of Michelle Young’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

Echard, a Eureka native, is the next Bachelor.

“There’s nothing like facing your haters head-on,” Echard said.

“They found 30 women desperate enough to date this guy? Where?! #quarantinegoggles,” one tweet read. Echard responded to the tweet and said, “I’ve got a great personality though!”

A tweet read, “Roses are red, violets are blue, Clayton is the Bachelor and I just puked in my mouth #ICanStillTasteIt.” Echard was critical of that one. He said, “doesn’t even rhyme!”

During the “After the Finale Rose” special, a preview of Echard’s season was played. He is featured saying, “I didn’t believe it could happen, but I’m in love with three women.” The preview also shows him telling the two finalists that he was intimate with both of them.

In light of this, another tweet commented that Echard needs to be sure he “uses protection in the fantasy suites. Otherwise, 9 months later there are gonna be a lot of baby Shreks running around.”

Echard responded to the exercise by saying, “Listen, I read everything and see everything, so that was pretty PG compared to some of the things I’ve read.”

He made it to the final eight of Young’s season. He was eliminated after he went on his one-on-one date with her.

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