ST. LOUIS – It’s a busy weekend in St. Louis. Tens of thousands will visit the Gateway City this weekend for concerts, rivalry soccer and Adam Wainwright’s final series as a Cardinal.

With lots of activities planned, some downtown visitors have concerns about police staffing levels. Just days ago, the FOX Files revealed that the only two officers assigned to one district called in sick, leaving resources within the City of St. Louis stretched. 

Police union representatives have sounded an alarm, calling the situation dangerous for both the public and police.  

When asked if the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is prepared for the busy weekend, a spokesperson said event-packed weekends in St. Louis are a common occurrence and the department is well-versed in providing public safety during those busy weekends. 

A statement to FOX 2 reads in part, “We continue to deploy our detailed officers to the downtown area each weekend to provide increased security and visibility.  The Cardinals, City SC, and the Enterprise Center all employ off-duty officers working department approved secondary for increased security as well.” 

During a question-and-answer opportunity for reporters with St. Louis Board of Alderman President Megan Green, FOX 2 asked what steps lawmakers have taken to address concerns.  

Green cited pay hikes and the lifting of a residency requirement as some of the actions taken. She also noted the board passed a resolution calling on the city’s personnel department to examine other benefits, including childcare and eldercare.  

Downtown visitors we spoke with Friday said they feel safe for the most part, but would like to see more police. 

“I would like to see the police out here, that way I know I’m protected, and I’m safe,” saud Brandy Ruff.

“I just saw a guy pulling somebody over, but other than that, I rarely see police driving or walking in the city,” said Sandra Welch.