PHELPS COUNTY, Mo – A former deputy sheriff from Phelps County was charged on October 18 for possessing child sexual assault material (CSAM) and is scheduled to appear in court on October 20. 

A federal grand jury has indicted Justin Bradley Durham, 42, for purchasing and possessing CSAM. He also faces charges related to the destruction or alteration of records. 

According to court records, between December 2013 and December 2014, Durham coerced an underage girl into engaging in sexual acts and recorded them. He kept the CSAM of the girl. Between December 9, 2017, and July 2, 2018, he obtained CSAM involving a second girl. 

The final charges in this case allege that Durham deleted files on his Dropbox account and destroyed his iPhone in an attempt to interfere with the FBI investigation. 

Court documents explained that Durham offered the first victim money in exchange for CSAM and later paid her when she came to his residence, during which he also assaulted her. The second victim encountered Durham while he was responding to a call while on duty. 

During the investigation, additional women have come forward with allegations against Durham, including claims of his demands for sex or sexually explicit images after making traffic stops. Anyone with information about Durham should contact the FBI at 314-589-2500.