ST. LOUIS – A heatwave moving across the bi-state area could not keep folks from getting outside.

“Ninety-five or 101 (degrees), it all feels the same,” Forest Park golfer Mark Harless said on Monday.

Golf leagues at Forest Park are in full swing through the near triple-digit temperatures.

“Starting to question my sanity for doing so, but yeah, we are going to go after it,” Harless said.

Eager Beyoncé fans also braved the heat outside the The Dome at America’s Center on Monday.

“I decided to stand out in the heat because I thought it would be cheaper, but it turns out it’s not,” Meigan Woods said.

Temperatures well into the 90s Monday as we face an excessive heat warning throughout the week, making for a less-than-busy golf course.

“I’m going to say half of (the golf league members) checked out,” Harless said. “Maybe my wife thinks I should have, but I didn’t.”

At the Saint Louis Zoo, animals are doing what they can to stay cool.

“For our animals, we give them the ability to go inside or outside,” Regina Mossotti, the zoo’s animal care vice president, said.

The same option is available for visitors in the zoo’s outdoor exhibits and indoor exhibits that have air conditioning. Crystal Jenkins spent her birthday at the zoo with her family.

“We weren’t really expecting it to get this hot,” Jenkins said.

“It’s super-hot. It’s like three million degrees,” Kai Woods said.

Despite warmer temperatures several animals deciding it was just right for them.

“This morning we gave our polar bear a watermelon smoothie that was frozen,” Mossotti said.

“We always give our animals a choice, and it always surprises me when they choose to stay outside.”