ST. LOUIS – The field is ready for the first pitch and Opening Day at Busch Stadium on Thursday. The St. Louis Cardinals will face an American League team at home to kick off the season.

On Wednesday, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department promised more officers inside and outside Busch Stadium on Thursday to ensure everyone is safe.

“We have some additional officers on the street and in an undercover capacity, along with police marked vehicle capacity,” said Capt. Pierre Benoist, Commander District #4 for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. “They’ll be monitoring the foot traffic and the traffic in the downtown area around Busch Stadium in the morning, afternoon, and evening.”

The department planned to have around 40 officers for Opening Day. Authorities also recommend taking mass transit to the game.

“Take the MetroLink,” Benoist said. “But if driving, walk in groups to and from the game, especially after the game, and do not leave any valuables in the car.”

Officers will be on the lookout for car break-ins. Police advised parking lot owners to have an attendant on-site for an hour after the event. However, most importantly for the police: no guns.

“Leave your weapons at home because the Ballpark does not allow them,” Benoist said. “All the establishments do not allow you to bring a weapon inside. So that’s just an opportunity for someone to take it from your car.”

Police said people will be safe coming downtown to a game because they have heightened traffic enforcement throughout the city. They will additionally have bike officers out as well as other additional officers.