ST. LOUIS – Many in St. Louis have been braving the oppressive heat, doing everything from attending the Beyoncé concert at the Dome at America’s Center to hanging out at Forest Park.

It’s one of the hottest weeks of the year, and it’s expected that some people will be out soon to get in an early morning walk or run, while others are staying indoors at all costs. The reality is that many struggle to escape the heat altogether.

Golf leagues at Forest Park were out in near triple-digit temperatures Monday. Beyonce fans also braved the heat outside the dome on Monday. At the St. Louis Zoo, animals have been doing what they can to stay cool. The zoo also has medics around for any heat-related illnesses visitors may experience.

Cool Down St. Louis helps people in need in 44 counties on both sides of the river, and have dozens of partners in Missouri and Illinois.

Founder Gentry Trotter wants you to check on your neighbors in this oppressive heat. Make sure their body temperature is fine, that they have air conditioning, and that their house is cool.

If you need help, you can go to to find a cooling center near you. With the increased demand, their phone lines are jammed.

A reminder to people struggling financially in the heat:

Utility companies cannot disconnect service during heatwaves. However, you have to contact your utility company and for assistance.

FOX 2 also has a link to all the cooling centers across the bi-state.