ST. LOUIS — The sprawling Fair St. Louis event that typically lasts the entire Fourth of July weekend will be a little different this year. The 2023 celebration will only occur on one day. It will include a parade in the morning and fireworks against the backdrop of the Arch that evening.

The Fair St. Louis Foundation says that they had a lot of success in 2022. They had a lot of events and want to connect with the community to help grow the event. They are using this year to make plans for a city-wide celebration in the summer of 2024.

“While we are still early in the planning and development stage, we will usher in a new era for St. Louis entertainment next year, and we see a bright future for the Fair’s revamped offerings that include our area’s civic, business, government and charitable organizations coming together to be a part of something new and exciting for our City,” states Tim Meers, general chairman of Fair Saint Louis.

This will be the 140th year for the parade in St. Louis. The Fair St. Louis Foundation helps to put on the event. They are a charitable organization that has helped to light many of the landmarks near the St. Louis Arch. The foundation has also given away millions of dollars to charitable causes.

The Gateway Legends esports event that the foundation organized will be moving to Memorial Day Weekend as a separate and unique annual event. Learn more about this year’s event here.