ST. LOUIS – From fairs to fireworks, the Fourth of July weekend is back in full swing in St. Louis. Fair St. Louis has a new look this year, moving from the grounds of the Gateway Arch to Kiener Plaza and Ballpark Village. Now that the weather has cleared up, fair officials expect a very busy night ahead.

“The new blueprint really allows us to do some things that we haven’t been able to do in the past,” said Tim Meers, chairman of Fair St. Louis. “We have multiple stages, we have a music festival that’s going on downtown right now, we have music going in every direction.”

Despite the heat, a lot of people flooded Downtown St. Louis for Fair St. Louis. Consistent crowds are expected throughout the evening.

Meers said the entertainment is bigger than ever. Organizers have brought in headliner band Third Eye Blind as well as other events. Meers anticipates big crowds, so they have upped security with private and city officers.

“Safety of fairgoers is at our utmost importance always. And that’s our primary thing that we work on, so there’s partnerships to ensure that we have a safe event,” he said.

Meers expects bigger crowds on Monday and questions are buzzing about what’s being done with this week’s excessive heat and overall firework safety across the metro area.

The big thing to note is safety precautions. A heat advisory is in place from Monday to Wednesday this week. The St. Louis Fire Department has set up multiple cooling stations and medical tents for people to cool off with water.

“We are prepared for pretty much anything, I’d like to say,” said Capt. Garon Mosby, St. Louis Fire Department.

When it comes to fireworks, Mosby knows all too well the craziness that comes with the Fourth of July weekend.

“We certainly see an uptick at this time of year because you have a large amount of people playing with fire; from the building fires to the dumpster fires to the grass fires,” he said.

Mosby said crews are working all day and night to monitor fires around the area. He said Saturday night into Sunday was slow and hopes its stays that way.

“Obviously, (Monday) is the 4th. We still strongly encourage folks, there will be a large fireworks display down here at the riverfront tomorrow night. Please leave it to the professionals,” Mosby said.

St. Louis has one of the biggest professional fireworks displays in the bi-state area behind the Arch on Monday evening.

“It will be the biggest fireworks display in 41 years. Going to be an amazing evening,” Meers said.

Fair St. Louis map