ST. LOUIS – The family of Bryanna Dentman-Johnson is mourning the loss of the teen, whom they described as strong, independent, and prayerful.

“She took time out every day to pray in the morning and at night,” said Stephanie Boyd, Johnson’s mother.

Boyd is devastated over losing someone with such a bright future.

“I love my daughter, and I am going to miss her,” she said.

The family started a GoFundMe page and hopes the driver responsible for the crash that took her life is found.

Police have released the identities of all four victims of the fatal crash in Midtown over the weekend. The family of one of those victims, Corntrail McKinley, believes more could have been done to render aid. 

Jermaine Wooten is an attorney representing Boyd’s family. He said the family believes the intersection where the crash occurred has been a dangerous area for years and should have been improved to avoid a loss that’s left Boyd and her family devastated. 

“She was a young lady that had a real future in front of her, and her life should not have been cut down in this particular fashion,” Wooten said. 

Police reported that the driver responsible for the crash dodged traffic on South Grand Boulevard and ran a red light at the intersection of Forest Park Parkway. There have yet to be any arrests. 

The force of the collision sent an SUV with eight occupants over the overpass. One of the four survivors, Seven Robinson, remains in pain from his injuries. He said he believes first responders could have done more to help the victims. 

“I was literally screaming, they’re in the car, help, help, help,” Robinson said.

His family and the families of the other victims shared similar concerns. First responders told FOX 2 that during a crash involving eight victims and limited resources, they must prioritize which victim needs the most assistance first.