ST. LOUIS — St. Louis radio personality Jeff Burton of 105.7 The Point announced in March 2021 that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. On Monday, July 11, His cohosts on “The Rizzuto Show” shared the news with listeners that Jeff has been taken off treatments and entered hospice care.

His friends and fans are sending love and prayers. They are certainly not giving up hope. 

Fellow radio broadcasters have been calling for support on the air. 

“He is a broadcast legend in our town and just a wonderful human being,” said Randy Karraker, on 101 ESPN.   

“Just like he makes our day better making a joke or comment in the hallway,” said Karraker’s cohost, Michelle Smallmon. He does that for all of St. Louis every day. We love you, Jeff.” 

A former St. Louis Blues player encouraged listeners for their support.

“Your thoughts and prayers, please, are appreciated for Jeff and his family,” said Jamie Rivers, on 101 ESPN.   

Rivers cohosts “The Last-Minute Blues Podcast” with Burton. 

“So what does Jeff want us to do? Jeff wants us to laugh. Right?” said Scott Rizzuto, who told listeners on The Point, Monday. “When you say your prayers, pray for Jeff.” 

Co-hosts of “The Rizzuto Show,” Moon Valjean and Tony Patrico commented:

“Pray for peace. Pray for a miracle, man.”  

They fought tears as they spoke but a smiling “cut-out” of Burton, that now sits behind his microphone in his place in the studio. It reminds them of all of the great times and laughs. 

Burton has been brightening up the listeners for decades with his wit and love of music. He’s been a fixture at concerts, most notably “Pointfest” music festivals, introducing bands on-stage and interviewing them behind it. He forged a special relationship with his favorite band, Blue October. 

“Is there a bigger fan of Blue October than Jeff Burton?” said Rizzuto when the band visited the studio in 2019.   

“I’m trying. I only have three Blue October tattoos. I’m sure there’s people who have more,” said Burton. 

The leader of Blue October said Burton was with him through his ‘roughest times.’

“Jeff has my heart,” said Justin Furstenfeld. “He’s my man. Jeff was with me when I was going through some really rough times.” 

The band may only be outranked by Burton’s wife, two daughters, and their three dogs. One daughter has started a Facebook page for sharing “Jeff” stories.

FOX 2’s Andy Banker shared his story about Burton. 

“A little more than a year ago, I got a random e-mail from Jeff about his dog, Eloise,” said Banker. “He calls her “Weezy”. She has her own Instagram page. He was hoping she could be featured on the “Poochercast” on FOX 2 News in the morning.” 

“Weezy” was then featured in the FOX 2 News report about Jeff, Tuesday night.   

The Point is accepting cards and letters which will be forwarded to Jeff and his family. Click here and follow The Point’s instructions to participate.

Burton’s love of Blues hockey once crossed with one of his dogs and the family’s Roomba vacuum. The dog left a mess on the floor of Burton’s home. He shared what happened on the Blues Last-Minute Podcast, last month.   

“Roomba came along and “zambonied” the thing all over the hardwood floors,” said Burton.   

Dr. Jamie Maxwell, a dentist for the Crestwood Dental Group, recalled Burton’s story about the Roomba and the dog.

“Oh, I told my wife about that: the Roomba and the dog,” said Maxwell. “We have three dogs. I just pictured that in my mind.”  

Maxwell said he is a fan turned show sponsor. He recently donated to The Point’s “Man of Many Hats” campaign. Burton wears a sponsor’s hat in exchange for donations to the “Kids Rock Cancer” charity

Burton’s using his fight to shine a light elsewhere, raising tens of thousands of dollars.