ST. LOUIS – A family of eight, five children and three adults, is now displaced after a fire in an empty house next door spread to their home.

According to the St. Louis Fire Department, the fire occurred on the 4100 block of Bingham Avenue around 5 a.m. Saturday. Once the family was exposed to the fire, they left the building until the fire department arrived. One child had to receive precautionary treatment by first responders.

Retta Crawford, who lives in the neighborhood, says she immediately called 911 when she saw the flames.

“This morning I got up, like I do normally, walked in the backyard, checked the yards see what’s going on. …. I looked up the hill and I could see smoke and fire just billowing out of control,” she said.

Crawford is close to the mother who lives next to the vacant house.

“She’s just moved within the last few years. I knew her prior to her moving and I’m like, ‘Oh my God you moved on Bingham? We have a horrible problem with that street,'” said Crawford. “But it’s a beautiful house and it was a great location and she’s got a big family. And you’re only a block from a school up here, Oak Hill, so you’d think you’d be safe.”

The property owner declined to talk with FOX 2 News on camera. The homeowner declined as well, but she tells us her daughter is now in the hospital as a precaution. No other injuries have been reported.

While the fire crews battled the flames, the homeowner said two of her AC units were stolen, along with one of her daughters’ four-wheelers.

The owner of the vacant house does not have insurance. The cause of the fire has not been determined.

An Amazon Wishlist has been set up to help the family whose house was damaged in the fire.