ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Family, and friends remembered Friday the life of the man that was shot and killed inside a north county supermarket.

They shared stories about Kardaye Moore’s life.

“He has a lot of people that love him, dearly, family. He would never leave us,” said Tanya Moore, the victim’s mother. “He wouldn’t even want to hurt us like that. He didn’t put himself in that position, but I guess God needed him more.”

People gathered in the parking lot of the Beverly Hills Supermarket where Kardaye was shot and killed for a balloon release. 

“He played too much. If you knew Kardaye, he played entirely too much. He played too much, but it was the love he had for everybody,” said Dana Moore, the victim’s friend.

Police said Kardaye and another man, Warren Smith Jr. got into an argument that turned into a fight. They said Smith pulled out a gun and shot Kardaye while another person, Marcel Payne, held his arms. 

“There was never a time where I feel like this would be the ending of it. I would never think that this would be the last and that I would be out here with balloons,” Dana said. “Holding balloons for Kardaye. It’s just nothing that I ever imagined.”

The people at the balloon release said his memories will live on with them each day. 

“He’s dependable, hilarious. He had a great smile, handsome, I mean my son was only 23 that’s it,” Tanya said.