ST. LOUIS — A family of 10 survives a fire in the early morning hours. The house that sits on Marilyn Lane is just off Route 157. Fortunately, everyone survived, including all the children. This family is certain to be shaken by the scary experience. Fire crews got the call here about twelve forty-five this morning.

This fire is quickly growing to two alarms, with crews from five different departments in the metro east area responding to this scene. A family member said he was here when the fire started, along with his girlfriend and the eight children, who ranged in age from just two months old to 14 years old.

The man says his girlfriend is the mother of all the kids. He is the father of three of them. He says most of the family members were spending the night outside in a tent. When the fire started, many of the people were already outside.

Authorities tell me at this point that they believe that the fire was an accidental kitchen fire that started on the stove. Even though no one was injured, the Red Cross was called in to assist the family. It was discovered that a dog and a litter of puppies did not make it out of the house.