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ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Authorities have announced that the driver who killed a 22-year-old St. Charles man will not face any charges. The victim’s family is looking for answers about why the 85-year-old driver is not being held accountable.

St. Charles Police said age had nothing to do with charges not being filed.

“I’m just looking for answers. Nothing has been done,” said Missy Hedges.

Missy’s son, Curran Hedges, was killed over the summer in a fatal collision. On Monday, Curran’s family returned to a makeshift memorial in the 2700 block of Veteran Memorial Parkway. Though heartbroken, Missy Hedges is seeking answers for her son.

“He was on his way to my house. He almost made it there,” she said.

Police were dispatched July 28 to the entrance of the Regency Shopping Plaza in 700 block of Veteran Memorial Parkway for a traffic crash with serious injuries.

Curran was on his motorcycle when an 85-year-old driver failed to yield and struck Curran, killing him.

St. Charles Police said it was not the driver’s fault and age had nothing to do with the decision

“The elderly lady made a left turn and got into traffic and accident reconstruction investigators said due to the size of the motorcycle, that being a smaller vehicle, and the angle in which the elderly driver was positioned…that causes a distortion of perception, and so it may appear that the motorcycle is not traveling as fast as it was. It was also determined that the motorcyclist was exceeding the posted speed limit,” said Lt. Tom Wilkinson, St. Charles Police Department.

Curran’s family does not want the driver to face any charges but would like to see her held accountable.

“I’m upset no tickets were issued and it does not seem like her license was not taken away,” Missy Hedges said.

Curran’s mother said he was a great son and had dreams of opening up a boxing gym to give amateurs a place to learn and grow.