WENTZVILLE, Mo. — The Wentzville community is mourning the police dispatcher who died on Wednesday.

Della Williams was a police dispatcher for almost two decades and recently served with the Wentzville police department. William’s family says she died suddenly at the age of 49.

For her nearly five decades on earth, Williams did not leave this earth without making an incredible mark. Williams spent her nearly 20-year career serving others as a dispatcher.

Then outside of her job, Williams’ entire life revolved around helping others. She had a special place in her heart for victims of domestic violence and children.

A few of the many projects, she was involved in were the Missing Person Support Center, which she founded and was the president of.

Williams was also certified with the missing in Missouri law enforcement training program and helped train officers across the state. She also helped with the NamUs organization, the purse project, and making backpacks for needy members of the community.

Williams’ nephew, Caleb Wilson, said she helped and cared for anyone she met.

“If we saw a homeless person right here off the street, she would keep gift cards in her car, and she would get it and give a gift card to a homeless person to let them know that she was thinking about them,” said Wilson. “So, selfless act like that, and she had them on hand specifically for that. She’s the most caring person on earth. She was an angel on earth and would do anything for anybody, any day, anytime. She will be there for you.”

The family says the funeral will be public and will be releasing details soon. 

The organization, Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family, is covering the complete cost of the funeral. The family also asks the public if they wish to donate anything to donate to the Missing Person’s Support Center. 

You can find a link to donate here: https://www.mpsupportcenter.org/.