ST. LOUIS – A month after he was shot in the head, a Hermann police officer is defying the odds. Last week, Adam Sullentrup was sitting up. This week, he’s walking.

“He’s cruising!” a physical therapist exclaimed as she assisted him while he took steps.

It’s leaps and bounds from where Sullentrup was a month ago. On March 12, a suspect shot Sullentrup in the head. His partner, Det. Sgt. Mason Griffith was also shot and unfortunately died from his injuries.

Sullentrup was unresponsive and on a ventilator for several days before he stabilized. He was then flown to Englewood, Colorado, where Craig Hospital doctors and therapists specializing in traumatic brain injuries have been working with him.

Sullentrup’s wife, Michelle, is staying on campus as he gets medical care. She said therapists are working on his endurance as well as having the officer initiate contact instead of relying on cues.

On Tuesday, Sullentrup made great progress, walking a half-mile with assistance. Michelle attended his physical therapy sessions and said she is amazed by the progress he has made in just two weeks. One of her favorite video clips showed the officer cracking a smile during one of his physical therapy sessions.

“You’re smirking!” one person laughed.