ST. LOUIS – Fans filled up downtown St. Louis Thursday afternoon, enjoying the baseball season opening at home for the Cardinals.

The pep rally kicked off at Kiener Plaza with games, music, and a few of your favorite KPLR and KTVI personalities stopping by, the city was alive Thursday afternoon before the game.

Tickets are still available for the game against the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend, and offering promotional giveaways.

Fans were also quick to make their way to the ever-expanding Ballpark Village to continue the celebration of what is certainly viewed as a local holiday for many.

This season featured great matchups like the Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Angels of Anaheim, to name a few of the teams that 2023 promises to bring to Busch Stadium.

With temperatures in the upper 60s and sunshine in St. Louis, all was well as this baseball town awakened from its winter slumber.

“I’m always Cardinals, as you can see,” said Chiquita Newman, a Cardinals fan. “Cardinals everything. If you’re not from St. Louis, you need to experience Opening Day 2023; it’s the best!”

“We’re out here trying to have a good time,” said Kaitlyn Upchurch with her son. “This is his first opening day.”

The Cardinals have tickets on sale all season long, starting at $6 each and $10 on weekends. They’re also bringing back the Budweiser Ballpark Pass. A single standing room-only ticket to each game costs just $34.99 a month for the subscription. So, you can see this year’s team that is looking to be a contender this season.