ST. LOUIS – On perhaps the darkest day of Tina Turner’s life and career, her St. Louis Walk of Fame star may be shining its brightest. 

Her Delmar Loop star is now surrounded by flowers, with several fans paying their respects. 

“I grew up on her music,” LaTonya Walker said on Wednesday. “It’s really sad that she’s gone.” 

Turner spent many of the early years of her life in St. Louis, graduating from Sumner High School in 1958. She would later work as a nurse’s aide at Barnes Jewish Hospital. 

Brother Self-Love grew up in St. Louis and said his grandparents introduced her music to him. 

“I love her because my grandparents loved her, and I love her because I grew up on her,” Self-Love said. 

Turner began recording music in the 1950s, eventually joining forces with Ike Turner. She’d have a highly publicized divorce with Ike, chronicling the abuse she endured over the years. They were divorced in 1978, and in 1984, Tina released her only top Billboard Hot 100 charting song, “What’s Love Got To Do With It”.

“Tina Turner, now you know “What Love Got To Do With It” because we love you,” Self-Love said.

John from Claremont was visiting St. Louis when his friend texted him about the news.

“I came down here to see her star and talk a photo to send to my friends,” he said. “I think it’s comforting knowing she left her mark on the world and that’s something that’s lasting beyond her life.”

Tina was inducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame twice, won eight Grammys, and sold more than 150,000,000 records.

“Tina, The Tina Turner Musical” will be coming to the Fabulous Fox in Midtown in November. Tickets are not yet available.