ST. LOUIS – St. Louis police are investigating an early morning crash that left one man dead. The crash occurred at the intersection of Page and Goodfellow Boulevards on Labor Day, shortly after midnight.

Samantha Hampton was sitting on a nearby porch when the two vehicles collided. She heard the impact and ran to offer help.

“I looked up and saw smoke,” she said.

Hampton said one man was already dead and a woman in the other vehicle appeared to have a broken ankle. Police confirmed one person died and there was one survivor.

Hours after the crash, car debris was visible on the sidewalk. Hampton said the force of the crash sent both vehicles about 50 yards away from where they originally collided. She suspects one of the vehicles was speeding.

Nearby drivers say speeding and running red lights are commonplace in the area. They are calling on drivers to slow down.

“People fly up and down here all day long,” said T.J. Macon, St. Louis driver.

“People do go too fast and a lot of people run the lights,” said Yolonda Whittier, St. Louis driver. “I don’t know why everybody acts like they’re in a rush to go somewhere.”

Hampton said the crash is a reminder of how life can end unexpectedly.

“Just smell the roses,” she said. “Life is short.”

Whitter hopes the crash is a wakeup call for those who speed and ignore traffic signals.

“If you don’t care about your life, at least care about other people’s lives,” she said.